Digital Systems               

The development of printers was only possible through the use of digital technology.

Copiers initially had controls with analog electronics, switches, pulse disks and relays. But as digital technology based on data processors developed further, the technicians at Océ started using this as well. This made possible much more complex systems that required less space in the device and worked more efficiently: the devices were now controlled by a computer.

The digital technology was then used to connect the digitized copying machines to a – digital – network, the intranet of a company.
Initially, existing computers were used for this, which were switched between the network and the digital copier, now printer, and which were simply next to the device.
Subsequently, such a computer was integrated into the device itself.

In addition, connection to a network also offered the possibility to manage printers from a central point, first within the company, later by an external Océ service department.

The following topics are discussed in the following pages.

– Workflow Applications and Print Job Management
– Controllers
– Controls
– System Management and Services