Story #6: Software makes the connection

In the 21st century, smart phones and tablets connect people around the world. But somewhat surprisingly, printing remains one of the largest global industries, worth nearly €900 billion annually. In 2020, it rivals auto manufacturing in value and is more than 8x bigger than video games.

Print is big – everything from documents and direct mail to books and magazines to large display graphics and packaging. The majority is still produced on traditional analogue presses, but a growing percentage is printed digitally on demand. And digital printing is more than just hardware. Dedicated application software is equally important.

By the early 2000s, Océ R&D engineers create the digital workflow controllers at the heart of Océ printers, and the software applications that drive documents to and through the printers. Meanwhile, dozens of designers create the user interfaces that give customers the window they need to operate the Océ workflow applications and printers.

It’s the 21st century. A world of information on screen. Anything on screen can be printed. And software makes the connection.

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