Due to the corona-related measures , Océ Museum  is open for visitors to a limited extent only.

Guided tours expire until Januari 1st 2022. For further information refer to “Visiting information”.

The fully renovated Océ Museum will be open for the public again from 20 november 2021.

During your visit you will experience how our innovative products of today are built on our rich heritage of the past… dating back to 1877. From butter coloring to copying and ultimately printing the world. You will also discover the important cultural and economic role Océ has played in the region.

The completely renovated Océ Museum offers you the opportunity to see, feel, hear and touch the heritage of Océ like never before.

The Océ Museum provides tours for customers, employees and society. Would you like to know more? Please contact us for a tour at museumtours@cpp.canon


The Museum

Océ History