Concept change led by Jolijn Brouwers

Jolijn Brouwers joined the Océ Museum in 2015 as its first curator/director.

Under her leadership, the Museum was transformed from a gathering place of historical devices with a tour system into a professional museum with good contacts in the museum world and local media. A website has also been set up.

A special relation exists with the Museum für Fotokopie in Mülheim, Germany.

Jolijn has surrounded herself with a Museum Team of enthusiastic managers. The number of (volunteer) staff has doubled to about 40.

She also set up a legal structure, with an umbrella foundation and an executive Museum Board.

Since 2022, the Océ Museum is now open to the public on a limited number of days.

The forced closure for visitors during the COVID crisis was used to completely reconfigure the Museum, and then the Museum was festively reopened on May 22, 2022, with guests from the founding family, the parent company (now called Canon CPP), the local administration, the Museum community and, of course, all the employees.