The Océ Museum connects the past of Océ with the present and the future.

The Océ Heritage Foundation achieves this by safeguarding the company’s heritage (acquiring, collecting, managing, conserving, restoring and digitizing) and presenting it to the relevant target groups.

Océ Museum focuses on three target groups:

To Canon Production Printing’s(CPP) customers:
Use our long and innovative history to instill confidence in CPP as a current and future business partner.

With regard to employees (former, current and potential):
Use our heritage to build proudness of our past and motivation to build our CPP future.

With regard to society:
Use our long and significant contribution to the economic and cultural development of the region to inspire confidence in CPP (formerly Océ) corporate social responsibility today and in the future.

The Océ Museum does this by showing the technical and cultural development in the permanent exhibition and in various thematic exhibitions, by giving guided tours in which this development is explained and by conducting an educational program to interest young people in technology that has been used in Océ/CPP products for many years. In addition, the Océ Museum manages an extensive archive, which includes the Océ Historical Archive and the devices archive.