Digital Océ Museum

Part of the extensive collection of the Océ Museum has been made accessible online via
The digital museum is far from complete, but gradually more and more items (photos, documents, videos) will be added.
Feel free to take a look at our digital collection.

For example, take a look at one of the top pieces from the collection, Mr. Louis van der Grinten’s lab journal from 1927:

Lab journal O.C. – “An image of a page from a lab journal from 1927. In that year, Van der Grinten introduced a new, user-friendly diazo paper without a so-called azo component. That is why they called the new whiteprinting paper: “O.C. paper”, an abbreviation of “Ohne Componente”, that is: without component. It soon became the new brand: “Océ”, which was legally registered in 1928 and which decades later – in 1970 – would also become the name of the company. This makes it a key piece in the development of the company.”

Feel free to take a look at our digital collection: