Story #7: Jetting into the future of the Océ heritage

In the early decades of the 21st century, digital production printing is a growing industry, increasingly competing with traditional analogue printing technologies. The market requires full color printing with the highest quality on a wide range of media, supported by inline finishing systems to produce products such as books and magazines on demand.

The dominant print technology to address these requirements and drive growth is inkjet. Canon is the global market leader.

Using inkjet, customers not only print books, magazines, posters and banners on demand. Increasingly they print onto “things”, such as wall papers, panels and other building materials – all printed in an efficient way through intuitive and automated workflow software.

It is even possible to print layers of ink drops on top of each other in a technique called elevated printing. This enables digital printing of braille signage, topographic maps with actual relief, and reproductions of fine-art works that capture every brush stroke of the original painting.

And this is just the start. By jetting fine drops of ink and eventually other materials, the possibilities are vast. Who knows what products we will “jet” in the future! From the world of print… to printing the world.

On 1 January 2020, Océ becomes Canon Production Printing, a division of Canon, one of the world most innovative companies and most valuable brands.

Canon Production Printing jets into the future of the Océ heritage.

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