Tip! Experiment with light and gravity in the Océ Museum on Saturday September 3

The Océ Museum is now open to the public every first Saturday of the month. Guests are welcome without the need for an appointment.  On Saturday September 3, children can conduct real physics experiments in the Copy Lab between 13:00 and 17:00 hours under the guidance of our Océ Museum Education Coach.

You can also enjoy the new exhibition “Experience the 7 stories of Océ”. Entry is only 5 euros, including participation in experiments. Prior registration is not necessary.

Make your own blueprint!
To keep history alive, the Océ Museum invests in technical education. You can experience the best experiments on Saturday September 3.  For instance, you can make your own blueprint, including coating the paper, under the guidance of our Copy Lab Education Coach Herman.

You will also explore the powers of gravity, air pressure and electricity.

Your lab coat is ready!